Signs That Meghan Markley Loves More Than Prince Loves Her

As we all know about the fairytale wedding of Meghan Markley and Prince Harry. The couple is really adorable and perfect match. But there are some sings that are somehow proving that Meghan Markley loves Prince Harry more than he loves her. There are many things done by Meghan which can prove that. So here’s the list:


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For being a member of royal family and wife of Prince Harry Meghan Markley did a plethora of things. One of them is very difficult that she can’t hug her mother as well as other family members because royal members can’t touch the persons who are not royal.


As I said earlier that she left many things, she left her dog also. Now she can’t live with her dog anymore. To live with Harry she left her dog.


As we all know that Meghan did a lot of efforts to settle her career but for being the member of royal she left her career also. As royal women cannot do this kind of jobs so she had to left this to be with her Prince. Now she is dependent on her husband Prince Harry.

4)Body Language

As Prince Harry and Meghan always remain in the limelight so people get chance to judge them with their gestures. There are some signs according to body language experts that prove that Meghan loves the prince more than he loves her.


Well, Meghan Markley left her family just to be with Prince Harry and this proves that how much she loves him.

6)Settling Down

As we know that Meghan was all set in her career and was married too. But Harry was looking to settle down as he earlier dated a lot of women.

7)The Curse

Actually, Being a royal person is a blessing but it can be a curse too. Prince dated many women but nobody could leave that much for him. He wanted a lady who is used to live a prominent life and used to for spotlight. So, Meghan was the only one.

8)Small World

Well, when Meghan was living her life as an actress she used to do shopping, job and enjoying coffee at cafes but she cannot do even one of these things. As royal people cant do these things so she restricted too.


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