Growing up is not all that fun! Do you agree? Well! That could be one of the primary signs that show you’re still a cute little child at heart. And so we believe that age is just a number with all our hearts and although we learn to behave and act mature when the situation demands for it, we still slip into our childhood mode when its time to live like there’s no tomorrow.

You Love Experimenting with Colors and Don’t Restrict Yourselves to Black and Whites.


As we grow older and wiser we go for shades more subtle rather than Bright and Bold, but For you they are just boring!

You Still Enjoy Watching an Animated Series or a Movie!


Be it Madagascar, How to Train your Dragon, Tangled or Brave you never want to miss watching any of these even when they are playing on the TV.

You are always Enthusiastic about Gatherings, Weddings or Birthday, be it your own or your Friends.


and if its your birthday you mentally start a countdown a week before and wish to have the most perfect cake, outfit and everything else on your birthday.

You Always Take Time Out For the Sweet little Things in Life!


Like dancing in the rain, making paper boats or playing with the puppies in the park, reaching higher on a swing! All these things are a never exhausting source of Happiness for you.

You Love the Rides and Candies and All that About a Fun Fair..


Especially the candy floss popularly known as ‘Buddhi ke Baal’ and also you love getting it in your favorite color. Thr thrill of a ride excites you and you want to go again and again.

You can’t Help but always Wish to Jump on the Soft Beds and Couches at a Hotel Room..


Whther you’re out on a vacation or an official trip, the moment you see a soft, comfy and bouncy neatlty done bed you just want to jump on it!

You Feel Grumpy and Angry After Missing out on sleep Or a Meal.


You get super irritable and grumpy if you get disturbed during the precious hours of your sleep or if you happen to miss out on a meal and God Saves the person who you meet right after.

You Never Let an Opportunity to Pop the Bubble Wrap Go By.


You await a parcel curiously not just for the item you ordered but also for the fact that it might come packed in a bubble wrap! And we can spend an entire afternoon popping those little bubbles.

If there’s that innocent little kid in there, somewhere deep inside you, Don’t let it die! After all, Dil Toh Bachha Hai Ji! 

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