News Similarities Between Virat Kohli And Donald Trump

Similarities Between Virat Kohli And Donald Trump

The Daily Telegraph compared Indian cricket captain Virat Kohli to the United States President Donald Trump, saying “Kohli has become the Donald Trump of world sport”. The article further accused the Indian Captain of spreading fake news. On a lighter note, let’s find out some of the similarities between both the legends:

Kohli compared to Trump by Australian media
Source: Zee News

Straight Forward

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Both Trump and Kohli are Straight forward persons. They have guts to say whatever they feel. On different occasions, both have proved their dominance.

Impressive Leaders

One is the head of the most powerful country in the world, other is the head of the No. 1 Test team. Both Leaders lead their respective organization from the front and always gives 100 percent.

Fearless & Destructive

Both are known for their fearless style. They know how to destroy their enemies.

Similarities Between Virat Kohli And Donald Trump
Source: News18

Aggressive Nature

Both India and USA have never seen a player and a president as aggressive as Kohli and Trump are. Trump is known for his provoking type of politics. Both the leaders have a tendency of ripping apart their opponents through foul languages and obscene gestures.


Both Trump and Kohli have that compelling attractiveness or charm that can inspire devotions in other. Also, both have a huge female fan following.

Coming to the Test series between Australia and India,  Glenn Maxwell was seen mocking Kohli’s injury when he imitated his action by clutching his right shoulder after his dive to save a boundary.

There was already enough bad blood between the Indian players and the Australian players, what with the DRS Referral controversy and the on-field sledging.

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