High Life Food Simple Food Hacks For Men To Try And Impress Their Girls Easily!

Simple Food Hacks For Men To Try And Impress Their Girls Easily!

Cooking is a tough work, hats-off to our mothers and other ladies who do this work freely but carefully. Now the point comes to what men can do at cooking? Uhmm.. really a tough question but really someday, men will be great cooks too and will be able to cook more than Maggi and sandwiches. Here is the list of simple food hacks for every man to learn and impress his girl easily:

1. Chop onions like a pro

Food Hacks For Men

Put onions in the freezer before chopping or chop them in a bowl of water with the sharpest knife available. This tip is really very easy to make anyone the onion ninja!!!

2. Make chocolate desserts within minutes

Food Hacks For Men

Buy a chocolate bar, melt it in a bowl, add dry fruits and creams and again freeze it, your chocolate dessert is ready.

3. Oreo Ice Cubes!!

Food Hacks For Men

Just freeze some leftover milk with crushed oreo to get wonderful and tasty oreo cubes which can be used in any milkshake.

4. Dry Fruit experiments

Food Hacks For Men

Keep trying different dry fruits in your each and every dish to give the sense of professionalism in your cooking.

5. Peel oranges within a minute

Learn this trick to peel oranges within the time even less than a minute.

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