Infotainment Use These Simple 15 Idioms While Speaking to Make an 'Englisss' Impression on Others

Use These Simple 15 Idioms While Speaking to Make an ‘Englisss’ Impression on Others


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English is not that difficult as we think. But, no, it is difficult for many! Undoubtedly, in India, most of us know how to write it correctly but when it comes to speaking we as often use fillers… aaaaaa, ummmm! Why does that happen? It is because we translate our Hindi sentence into English in our brain and while doing that we lose the motion as we are not habitual of speaking English everywhere, especially in our homes with our families.

So how to overcome it? Use these simple 15 idioms related to daily life. These will shorten your sentence somehow and also put an impression on others. Here we are not promising that you will become a fluent English speaker after learning them, but something is always better than nothing! Readout them below:

1) It always takes two to tango!

Meaning: Actions or communications need more than one person.

2) A hot potato

Meaning: Speak of an issue (mostly current) which is trending among people and which is usually disputed

3) Big picture

Meaning: Everything that is involved with a particular situation

4) Back to the drawing board

Meaning: When an attempt fails and it’s time to start all over.

5) The ball is in your court

Meaning: It is up to you to make the next decision or step

6) Let the chips fall where they may

Meaning: To let something happen, no matter what happens next!

7) Best of both worlds

Meaning: All the advantages

8) Go down the drain

Meaning: Something is wasted or lost

9) Every cloud has a silver shining

Meaning: Be optimistic, even difficult times will lead to better days.

10) Give the benefit of the doubt

Meaning: Believe someone’s statement, without proof.

11) Make a long story short

Meaning: Come to the point – leave out details

12) Once in a blue moon

Meaning: Happens very rarely

13)  Nth hour

Meaning: At the last moment

14) Whole nine yards

Meaning: Everything. All of it.

15) Leave no stone unturned

Meaning: to do everything you can to achieve your goal