Emotions are a normal and an essential part of our life. Just like we have positive emotions like happiness, joy, love, contentment and excitement, which give us positive vibes around us, we can at times also have negative emotions like loneliness, anger, sadness, self-criticism, rejection, etc that can be very disturbing, painful and difficult to handle. But it becomes very important that we don’t allow these negative feelings to control our mind and, in-turn, our body for long, as it will be converted to stress. It is essential that we know well about our emotions and keep them in control to avoid stress. Here are some tips on how to handle stress:-

1 Indulge yourself in what you love to do like listening to music, playing sports like basketball, tennis, swimming etc. or getting involved in fun activities and your hobbies that will make you happy and forget about your stress causing reasons and will be able to handle stress easily.

listen music - Tips on How to Handle Stress2. Do Yoga to instantly relieve stress and anxiety. There are some specific yoga asanas like Balasana (Child Pose), Uttanasana (Standing Forward Bend), Marjaryasana (Cat Pose) and many more, that will help you to refresh your mind and help you handle stress by giving you a calm and relaxed feel.

yoga - Tips on How to Handle Stress

3. Avoid Alcohol and Caffeine as their consumption will worsen your stress by aggravating your anxiousness and may trigger panic attacks, making your condition worse. To look for other better ways to handle stress.

Tips on How to Handle Stress
4. Take deep breaths to take control over your stress and anxiety. During stress our breathing pattern changes but fortunately, we can take control of it if we want to do so. Many meditation techniques revolve around breathing control that makes us relax and calm, and help us handle stress well.

Exercse - Tips on How to Handle Stress5. Count slowly till 10 to relieve your stress. When we slowly count from 1 to 10, we get a moment away from our current stress causing the situation.  When you are finished counting till 10, take a pause and restart a few more times. It will surely help you feel relaxed and handle stress quickly.

6. Watch, listen or read humour so that you can escape from your stressful condition. Adding humor to your life surely brings happiness, liveliness and joy we forget about our sorrow or grief and get a good laugh, which gives us a good break from our stressful thoughts and we get to handle stress successfully.

Tips on How to Handle Stress

7. Share your problem with someone close to you. Talking your heart out to a close friend, your mother, or  your sibling will help you lighten your heart and mind, and you may get a solution to your problem, that you never ever thought about. Also, many counsellors are available today to talk about all kinds of issues, be it related to your studies, job, family or marriage. These people are qualified and trained to handle your situation well, as they deal with everyone with total empathy and secure your privacy, which in turn helps you handle stress well.

Tips on How to Handle Stress

So, if you are stressed out and are looking for ways to come out of your problem, I am sure the above tips will help you to handle stress.

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