Singapore’s Urine Beer Is The Latest Beer Trending In Market: Here’s Something To Know About The Viral Drink

As the brewing industry is growing fast, here comes the new Singapore Urine Beer in the market. So here are a few details for you to checkout this viral drink.

urine beer

People across the globe are getting more and more interested in alcoholic drinks. And have begun to enjoy it. Hence the brewing industry is now growing fast and came a long way offering various flavors. According to Wikipedia, beer is now considered the third most popular drink. After water and tea. So there are chances that by 2028 the global beer market will grow from $768.17 billion in 2021 to $989.48 billion. And this estimation was presented by Fortune Business Insights.

About Singapore’s NewBrew beer brand

These days beer with unique compositions is gaining popularity. And that is none other than the latest beer brand from Singapore-NewBrew. It is a brewery that is making beer out of urine. Talking about its composition it has 90 percent water, and producing it with recycled sewage is a good concept. As it will bring awareness about water scarcity to some extent. But if you doubt its quality, since it’s taken out of the sewage. Let us tell you that it is ultra-clean and high-grade recycled water. Which is not just hygienic but also great in taste. Due to its unique composition, the water supply agency is advertising this ‘urine beer’ as the greenest beer.

How it is made

NEWBrew is recycled from sewage, and then filtered, and pumped into Singapore’s water supply. It then goes through several rounds of filtration and stringent tests. And this makes it safe to consume. It was launched last month by national water agency PUB and local craft beer brewery Brewerkz, along with Singapore International Water Week (SIWW).

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