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Single iPhone Users Don’t Want To Date Someone With An Android Phone

Single iPhone Users Don’t Want To Date Someone With An Android Phone


Being picky can be annoying to others and sometimes to your own self, especially when it comes to dating. According to a survey of more than 5000 singletons aged eighteen and over, Apple iPhone users are 21 times more probable to judge others (negatively) for having an Android phone. On the other hand Android users are 15 time more likely to judge people with iPhones. And people with older versions of iPhone or Android phones are 56% less likely to get a date.iPhone users don't want to date android The factors such as – Where a person lives or what car they drive, used to be the top clichés of dating. But getting an iPhone to improve your dating criteria tops them all. iPhone and Android users would rather date someone with their taste in gadgets or even installed apps on the device, they do agree on some things when it comes to first dates.iPhone vs Android SnapchatThe survey also disclosed that nearly 39% singletons would look unfavorable to someone with a bad grammar, crooked or discolored teeth (37%) and unfashionable clothing (35%). Also, adults would think twice about dating someone with a cracked smartphone screen (15%).iPhone vs Android TwitterSingletons search social media for any sign of dysfunction and they act on the information rapidly. Two-thirds of singletons actually stalk (or inspect) their approaching dates on social media hubs. For instance, bad spelling is a turnoff for prospective dates let alone finding a scandalous picture on Facebook.

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