High Life Women Single Mother Who Drinks Sperm Every Morning

Single Mother Who Drinks Sperm Every Morning

Yes, you read the headline right!! Tracy Kiss, 29-year-old single mother drinks a teaspoonful of sperm every morning. Tracy is a personal trainer and a nutritional adviser. She claimed that sperm contains lots of vitamins and minerals.

Mother Who Drinks Sperm Every Morning

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Tracy said about her habit, “Every batch tastes different, depending on what he’s been eating. If he’s been drinking alcohol or eating something particularly pungent like asparagus, I ask him to give me a heads up so I know not to drink it neat. Things like pineapple and peppermint make it taste better, but I’ll happily take it straight off a spoon usually.”

“People are so weird about sperm when in actual fact a teaspoon is filled with amazing goodness.”


Mother Who Drinks Sperm Every Morning

Tracy’s friend who provides her sperm initially denied her request. She talked about it: “When I first approached him, he was concerned I’d use it to impregnate myself. But once I’d convinced him it was for my beauty regime he agreed – after all, he has a regular supply at hand!”



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