Siraj celebrates India’s victory against the Aussies by gifting himself a brand new BMW

Mohammed Siraj, an ace fast bowler from the Indian cricket team, recently posted a video of his new luxury car on his Instagram, flaunting his BMW with the caption “Alhamdulillah.”

Born to a financially backward family, success changed everything for Siraj in an instant. His father was a driver who vehemently supported the dreams of his son and wished to see him sporting the jersey of India’s national cricket team. As Siraj found his footing as a prominent cricketer for the team in Australia, bowling ferociously against experienced cricketers and seizing their wickets, his father could not make it farther into enjoying the success of his son, for he passed away. Despite being on the receiving end of the devastating news, Siraj chose to stay back in Australia to fulfill the wishes of his father. The bowlers of the Indian A-team getting injured resulted in Siraj having to step up to the pitch and enter the main XI from the second Test.

He secured his first chance to play in the test series in the Boxing Day Test in Melbourn. Siraj filled 5 innings within his 2 innings. After losing to the Aussies in the previous match in Gabba, India visited Brisbane, where they added fuel to Siraj’s fire as a pacer, causing him to take 5 wickets during the second innings. He has taken 13 wickets for India throughout the Test series. He is regarded as the hero of the series by the people due to his astonishing debut performance in Australia.

After the historic win secured by the national cricket team in the Test series, Siraj returned to India and visited the grave of his late father. On Friday, he gifted himself a luxury BMW to commemorate his success as a pacer in Ajibhum. He posted a video of himself driving around the streets of Hyderabad in his new car and captioned it with ‘Alhamdulillah’ as a gesture of gratitude.

As a standout performer, a 26-year-old Siraj helped India record their second consecutive 2-1 Test series victory over Australia Down Under. Their earlier win was recorded in the 2018-2019 tour. He debuted in the second Test match due to Mohammed Shami getting injured, causing him to drop out of the team. After the injury of JaspritBumrah, Siraj became the lead pacer for the fourth and final Test matches held at the Gabba in Brisbane. His contribution in the matches helped India to become the first time in a record 32 years to beat Australia during the Test series in Brisbane.

The video Siraj posted of his car displayed a temporary registration plate, which proved that this statement of success and luxury happens to be the latest buy of the fast bowler.

Ravi Shastri praised the pacer for his performance on Twitter in a Friday tweet of his, claiming that Siraj fought through personal loss and several racial remarks. Yet, he channelized those woes to find himself a home within a team and show his prowess with his bowling attacks.