In the section about motor homes, another interesting version is presented – a camper based on the classic American school bus Skoolie Greensleeves. Created by Movable Roots, a mini-housing company, this vehicle allows a family of two or three to travel across the country without sacrificing comfort along the way.

General characteristics of this Skoolie

The bus for conversion was purchased in perfect condition, so nothing has changed from a technical point of view. As, in principle, and outwardly: the wheels, doors, and main components remained in the same place.

The only thing that appeared at the back was a terrace platform welded to the frame, which the owners use to transport the scooter and install the generator.

Under the hood, the “native” 8.3-liter Cummins diesel engine remained. An interface is integrated on the side, providing for connecting the house to the electrical network at the campsite. There is also a device for supplying drinking water. The energy on the road is provided by batteries and a 3500 W generator. The house has gas, internet, and satellite TV.

What does the Skoolie look like inside?

To convert the bus, the designers completely removed the seats. This made it possible to assemble a full-fledged residential module with all the existing amenities: a fully functional kitchen, a shower room, and a relaxation room. The driver’s seat is integrated with the space of the house, which does not limit communication on the road and allows two to watch the road.

Behind the driver’s seat, there is a cozy dining area, and opposite – a territory for cooking and storing food.

There is a gas stove with an oven, a table with a sink hidden in the countertop, and a spacious refrigerator with a freezer. For kitchen utensils, cabinets are suspended on the sidewall, and an extractor hood is built into the ceiling in the center of the catering unit.

I must say that the design of the walls, furniture, and equipment is made “under the tree” in shades of white and natural. Curtains and upholstery in blue tones bring an attractive modern touch to the interior, increase the depth of the space and bring home comfort. At the same time, windows on which mosquito nets are fixed open for ventilation.

Closer to the “tail” of the bus you can see a toilet block with a spacious shower, and directly at the rear is a well-equipped bedroom.

The perimeter is occupied by a large folding bed, which, when assembled, turns the place into a relaxation area. Books, TV, DVD player, illuminated air conditioner, 4G modem, and USB socket. Everything is provided here for relaxing and pleasant leisure.

Interestingly, the bedroom is accessed through the back door. This makes it possible to use the free part under the bed as a place to store jerry cans, small furniture, and dishes. Leaving the side entrance open, you can lie on your bed and admire the night sky, the beach, or the picturesque surroundings.

The house turned out to be cozy, stylish, and suitable for both travel and long-term stationary residence. Such a skoolie cost $66,000, $8,000 of which was the cost of the bus itself. A nice price for Americans that can easily be spent on a motorhome.