SL vs AUS: Steve Smith explains the Asian conditions affecting the pitch

Steve Smith opens up in this in-depth interview about his batting philosophy, from tempo to technique and everything in between, against spin bowling after having spent countless hours in the nets over the previous few days getting ready for the spin trial he’s anticipated to face in Galle.

Cricbuzz interviewed Steve Smith in which he reveals in-depth analysis about his batting style. When asked about his approach in playing against the spinners, Stev Smith explained his “funda” on it.

When asked ” In these conditions, when you are batting against spin, is there anything you’re ready to err on the side of?”

“Generally the ball that gets you into most trouble is the one that skids on, particularly to the ball spinning away. One that skids on gets you lbw or bowled is generally the most dangerous ball. So being content with getting caught (behind the wicket), basically to get out in a certain way. I’d be happy if I am playing for the spin and the ball doesn’t spin quite as much. Normally it spins big and goes too far. I think the way I played probably (Ravindra) Jadeja back in 2017. I thought I played him really well, just being content with being beaten on the outside and ensuring that I am not getting beaten on the inside (edge of the bat). For me that’s important. But everyone’s different with their methods, which is what makes the game more exciting. You will see some guys sweeping and reverse-sweeping. That’s a form of defence for them as well. Trying to get them off their lengths. For me, it’s important if the ball is spinning away, cover the line on the inside and trust the other one will spin too far. And if it doesn’t, so be it,” Steve replied.