Creepy websites
Creepy websites

The internet offers us a variety of stuff. Sometimes they turn out to be very informative, and sometimes funny or entertaining. However, there are also some websites that have a lot of creepy stuff and interesting content. So below we have mentioned a few of them. That will give you goosebumps if you will get to know about them.

Have a look at these websites below:

Plane Crash Info: This is a website that has the final moments before the plane crash. It has mp3 transcriptions of passengers screaming and panicking. Something that is a dark truth.

Dong ghost: It’s actually a Korean comic that is translated to English and pretty scary. So those who are daring enough and live jump scares this website is for them.

Skyway Bridge jumpers: If you haven’t heard of divide bridge in the USA. This website will tell you all. It counts how many people committed suicide from the bridge. This bridge is in Florida and considered to be the 4th suicide active bridge.

Simulation Argument: This website will make you lose touch with reality. Because that’s what it offers. This website provides loads of study papers to argue that we are living in some sort of Matrix world.

Time cube: This website seems to be quite Weird because it offers long text elaborating on how a single day is made up of 4 days.Based on Gene Ray’s personal model of reality. Another thing that it tells the children to kill their parents if they don’t believe in this reality. Pretty strange it is.

time cube website

Death Row: This website is continuously updating to the final words of those in a death row. And is something that it is full of grief.

Rate my Poo: Well we would call this neither creepy nor interesting. It’s rather gross. In this, you have to upload pictures of your poop. And people will tell rather it’s charming or angry. Yuk. That’s something crazy, isn’t it?

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