Georgia Rankin

This is a story of Georgia Rankin of Britain. She measures just 2ft 7in but her condition is so rare she has never been given a diagnosis. She has a form of skeletal­ dysplasia – the medical term for what many people refer to as dwarfism – which fused her bones together as a toddler and stopped her from growing.

She told how due to this rare condition she suffers a lot of constant pain every single day. But even then, she manages to keep a smile on her face despite being in constant pain because she thinks she is different. She is a 22 years old small girl. She is so small that she once used a Christmas stocking as a sleeping bag.

In an interview with Mirror, she told,

“It’s a big cloud over my life. My life is a pain. It’s not just about being small. There’s no escape. The pain is there from the moment I wake up to the moment I go to bed. The teenager says the agony is almost unbearable at times – but she says she appreciates the rare condition that makes her different. I love being so unique. I never used to. I hated being different. Throughout high school, I was isolated and left out. I didn’t get invited to parties with the other girls. So I became this person that thinks “who cares, people are judging me anyway – why let it stop me being who I want to be”. Now I don’t want to be the same as everyone else.”

She further explained how she suffered a deadly pain day and night due to the disease. At age 13, she made the difficult decision to have the ball joints in her hips removed to ease some pain. With the height of over 2ft 7in, she is Britain’s tiniest teenager, shorter than the ­average two-year-old.