Most of us Girls start our day with this common tantrum OMG! I Have nothing nice to wear! Ever wonder why? We know! You’ll wear more if you see more! And to see more you must ensure that you are able to see all of your little closet’s stuff! To save yourself the struggle and effort to look for that specific thing Here are the awesome smart wardrobe hacks to ensure you never lose stuff again.

1. Basics come First


First things come first and so you must look out for that Lingerie before anything else.

  • Make sure to throw away all the extra innerwears that have lost elasticity or are ill fitting.
  • Store them in neat stacks away from dirt or dust.
  • Store them according to their usage but also make sure that you keep rotating them so that you dont end up wearing the same few too often
  • Divide your intimates according to the type or color or whichever way you please.

2. Get those Tops, Tees and Blouses


We don’t buy Tops because we have to, We buy them because its a routine! How else you think Girls add variety to their wardrobe?

  • If you have the space to hang all your tops and blouses in the closet, Go ahead! Because it will have all your stuff right in front of you to help you wear them often.
  • T-shirts are best kept folded into squares and kept in stacks. This way they shall take less space and give a cleaner look.

Quick Tip: Organise your Tees as per the usage. Those you wear often, keep them on top going down with those you wear less often.

Here’s The Dress Deal


We love those beautiful and gorgeous Dresses. And so they must be kept crush free and crisp!

  • Hang all your dresses by length. This will help you to see the shape and length of dresses before deciding which to wear for the day.
  • For long and Maxi dresses you can give them a fold through the hanger so that they don’t the whole vertical space of the closet.

Quick Tip: Iron your dresses crush-free before placing them in the wardrobe. This will keep them intact for an instant wear.

Pants and Jeans


Because you don’t always get to see those sexy legs!

  • Jeans and pants are most easy to sort. You can place them according to their color and shape. Arrange them from lighter to darker shades and from skinny fits to regular fits.
  • Arrange formal pants and palazzos in different stacks from Jeans.

Quick Tip: You can also hang your pants but the hangers should be sturdy to handle their weight. Also, while hanging them fold the jeans at the knee region where the natural creases are likely to bewhen you wear them.

Don’t Forget Your Shorts and Skirts.


We don’t wear them too foten but for the days that we do let’s make sure it takes no more than a while.

  • Get yourself some clip hangers for Skirts and Shorts.
  • Arrange them as per their type. Keep encil skirts to one side and flairy ones together on the other side.
  • You can just stack up the shorts to give them a clean and sorted look.

Ethnic Wear 


For the dazzling Desi Girl that you are!

  • Hang all your kurtas in hangers and you can even hang two together as it is likely to get messy if kept in stacks.
  • Lowers can go in separately in neat stacks.
  • Keep your dupattas either in stacks or preferably hang them in the same hanger as the matching kurti.

Quick Tip: For occasional wears like afancy anarkali or a saree, hang all the pieces in one sturdy hanger.

Essential Accessories


There’s a reason we call them essential don’t we?

  • Get an oversized basket to fill it up with scarves shrugs and socks and belts all nested into one another.
  • Use cabinet doors to hang the stuff using hooks attached or nailed to the doors.
  • You can also artistically hang them on the walls of your room.

Quick Tip: If you can’t find the second of the pair of socks chuck the other one but Never put in the closet as it is likely to drive you crazy later finding the other one through the cabinet making a big mess.

Oh Dear Shoes!


You know what they say- With the right pair of shoes you can conquer the world! And they are right!

  • Best ever way to keep your shoes neatly and without damaging their glamour is to keep them one toe inward and the other heel outward. This way you can also pick the right matching shoes at a single glance.
  • For sandals stack them one inside the other(opposite facing). And put shoes with stones in boxes and shoes bags so that they don’t gather dust and lose their sparkle.

Jewels of the Wardrobe!


For those Glamorous and starry looks, it is very important that we treat these babies with care so that there are no tangles, missing pieces or broken jewellery.

  • Get pouches or small bags to store jewellery in different sections.
  • Store them in-built drawers where they don’t catch dust and stay protected from oxidation and rust.
  • Also you can make a vintage jewellery display board using an old piece of wood and hammering nails onto it. Check it out here!

All Hands for Handbags!


We walk the world carrying our little world within them!

  • Stack them in such a way that they manage to catch your eye whenver you’re looking for a matching bag to go with your dress.
  • Put the casually often used ones more in front and the “special ones” little away for special occasions.
  • Keep them in covered places and don’t hang them in the open so that they don’t gather dust.

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