I remember I read a quote by Bill Gates once which said, “I always choose a lazy person to do a difficult job, because he find and easy way to do it.” Therefore, being lazy is necessary and a lazy person is pretty much a smartass. I’m wondering these clever inventions were also thought of by someone really lazy AF, which brings me to tell you about these crazy yet stupendous inventions especially for our wonderful Lazy ass friends (or even yourself, if you’re one of them)..

Electronic bottle for ‘Spin the Bottle game’


Who wants to play now? 😀

Noodle Twirling Fork


Meet my ‘forks’.. They’ve always twirled the noodles for me..

Clap lights On and Off- Smart Clapper


Clap it on or off! … Birthday party? Outta here!

Chopsticks with Sauce Dispenser


Just too good to be true!

Rotating Ice Cream Cone


Turning your head around the cone or twirling the cone in your hands was always a problem.. Sorted!

Remote with an inbuilt Bottle Opener


Get me my Beer..

Robotic Vacuum Cleaner


Bots be doing the cleaning..

Lying Down Desk


Because We work even when we’re lying down. And they call us lazy?

Self-Stirring Tea/Coffee Mug


Who needs a spoon?.. “Me” Said no one!

Salt and Pepper Shakers That walk Towards You!


Oh yes! Walk towards me but Don’t look at my food like that!

All-Purpose Pillow Remote


A remote you can hug! This world just got better!

Body Dryer


Towel …? No Please!

Self Lacing sneakers..?


I want these..!

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