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Smoke from “The Pollution Check Vehicle,” Kills Irony By Choking, Watch Viral Video!

Shubham Banyal



A pollution control van’s video is surfacing on the internet. IPS officer Pankaj Nain has shared this video which shows pollution control van emitting a lot of smoke from it.

This video doesn’t have many details, but we can clearly see that this vehicle belongs to the ‘Pradyushan Jaanch Kendra’ of the Rajsthan government. The person who is making the video says-

Pradyushan jaanch kendra…ab ye khud ki jaanch karegi.

Check this smoke coming out of the Pollution Check vehicle of Rajsthan government

While netizens found this video hilarious, they started trolling asap:

We also want to wish good luck to the driver, guessing someone is going to have trouble now.

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