Snoop Dogg steps into the wrestling ring … and crushes his opponent!


At the stage of his 49 years, the padre of the Westcoast is still in great shape!

Snoop Dogg is a big fan of combat sports . He proved it again recently, participating in a wrestling fight alongside Cody Rhodes for his meeting against Matt Syda . The rapper from Long Beach was the special guest of the AEW this Wednesday, January 6 for editing New Year’s Smash Dynamite, and he wet the shirt . 

Snoop Dogg does the show

After electrifying the audience with a specially planned entry, Snoop and Cody Rhodes took on Matt Syda . During the fight, the 49-year-old MC was pleased to finish his opponent with a spectacular technique: the Splash . This well-known wrestling hold consists of literally pouncing on your opponent . Snoop didn’t hesitate to go, and the pictures are hilarious !

A spectacular acrobatics that allowed him to win, Keen on combat sports , Snoop is used to commenting on boxing or wrestling matches . Despite his age and his lifestyle to say the least . . . smoky, he showed he was able to move like in his youth . Finally, have some hesitation ready ! That may – be in the ring wrestling he should adjust his clash with Eminem .