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Snow In Saudi ? We Were Not Jealous But Concerned !

Imagine that it’s raining cats and dogs in the Sahara desert. Or the Himalayas are melting thanks to the sun. Or the Amazon forests covered with a canopy of snow. It’s weird, right ? Well, something similar happened in Saudi Arabia – and it was snowing there a few time back.

saudi snow snowfall in saudi arab

This is a matter of concern as climate change is an environmental issue that will drastically affect us in the coming years. Now, if you’re a Trump supporter, you would call it a ‘hoax’ invented by the Chinese to sabotage US manufacturing. But if you’ve got brains of your own, snowing in an arid region is a sign. A sign that we’re heading towards an inevitable change and it’s not a good one. We might not feel it much now as it’s the start, but eventually, it is going to be a massive shitstorm of a problem.

It’s Not Siberia, It’s Saudi !

Meanwhile, the Saudis rejoiced. They got to experience Swiss weather and made snowmen and did skiing in the ice slush.

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