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So This Is Why Having An Orgasm Feels So Incredible… According To Science !




Ever wonder why an orgasm feels so…well, amazing ?


Apparently many people have wondered that and some have even dedicated their whole lives to finding out why they are so great. Okay, maybe not their whole lives, but you get the point.


That being said, there are some recent findings as to why orgasms make you feel like you are floating on cloud nine.


So, let’s start from the top, shall we? Sexual stimulation focuses on neurons. It does this in a way that sends us into a trance. This leads you to block out everything around you and fully concentrate on the sensation.


“We lose our usual self-awareness and consciousness of other noises, feelings, and smells around us.” So, one reason orgasms feel so good is because you become completely aware of what’s going on.


You are not focused on other things and it is hard to allow distractions to take that focus. If only we were that focused every day at work !


A study by Dr. Safron brought forth his model that says rhythmic sexual activity actually influences rhythms in our brains, “The model showed nerves being stimulated in a particular way and speed in a continuous speed, focusing on our neurons.” These rhythms, which are synchronized, are what bring forth the climax.

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