So Who Else Would Like To Dine In World's First Nude Restaurant

So Who Else Would Like To Dine In World’s First Nude Restaurant

Yes, you all are reading it right, world has seen so many different types of restaurants like underwater restaurant, restaurants with blind staff and even the restaurants with the graves of real dead people but this one is most astonishing one. The world has now got its very first nude restaurant.

World's First Nude Restaurant

‘The Bunyadi’ is the name of that restaurant which is located in London and means ‘The Base’ or ‘natural’. The most interesting fact of this restaurant is that it is already booked by over 25,000 people who are eagerly waiting to dine in this restaurant and anyone knows that 25,000  number is really not at all easy to handle, this shows the craze which people have for this restaurant and their wish to dine in it.

So Who Else Would Like To Dine In World's First Nude Restaurant

Actually, the concept is that each and every customer will be provided a changing and locker room at their arrival so that they can change calmly and will be asked to sit and dine in robes so that the furniture don’t get contaminated by their naked bodies. Moreover, to prevent the restaurant from becoming a common hub for perverts strict rules and regulations will be followed.

World's First Nude Restaurant

As we already told you that the hyped bookings of this nude restaurants have crossed 25,000, would you like to help those excited people in increasing this number?

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