Infotainment IT'S HOT! Social Media Witnessing The Ugly Fight Of Kushal-Gauhar

IT’S HOT! Social Media Witnessing The Ugly Fight Of Kushal-Gauhar

Remember Kushal Tandon-Gauhar Khan? That couple which seemed too much in love with each other during Bigg Boss Season 7. Even if you don’t remember them, don’t bother running the horses of your mind because they are here themselves to remind you of them! No, no, no – not back as a couple but to prove how much ‘Fallen Out Of Love’ they are!

gauhar kushal fight

The good looking ex-couple had set fire to the screen on Bigg Boss 7 with their to-die-for chemistry and great personalities. But that was a long time ago; a lot has come to pass between them since then.

When recently asked about his relationship with Gauahar, Kushal told a daily

It is possible, but we (Gauahar) are not friends. I don’t want to be friends. I am friends with two of my former girlfriends though

Then Gauhar was never really behind, she replied via Snapchat,

It is so disappointing to read that some people need your name to make headlines even in their work articles. Get over it. There are two golden words that people can use. ‘No Comments.’

kushal tweets

Was that an end? Never really! Kushal took to micro-blogging site to vent out his anger at the actress and this is what he tweeted;

Really ur “name ” huh there is a reason an ex is called an ex Coz it’s n example of wat you shouldn’t ve again in the future…

Is that a publicity stunt? One can guess that to be for the upcoming ventures of both the actors -Kushal’s TV show Beyhadh and Gauahar’s new film Fever.

We just hope the couple sorts out all their conflicts soon!

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