Soha Ali Khan and Aashish Chaudhary at the launch of the ‘Voot Kids app’

Actress Soha Ali Khan was interacting with the media during the launch of the digital app “Voot Kids” in Mumbai recently. While talking to the media, Soha said that every day is Children’s Day. November 14 is celebrated every year as Children’s Day. When Soha was asked what is her plan on Children’s Day, she said, “I think every day is Children’s Day for me.

Talking about the Voot Kids app, Soha said, “I downloaded the Voot app myself because I wanted to watch it before Inaya. My daughter turned 2 and now  I think this is the right time to show her all the things like digital content, educational content, and entertainment that are on that app. “

Voot has 20 thousand kinds of content, such as books, audio, Soha reveals that she has dubbed the story in her own voice. There are a lot of cartoons, a lot of puzzles too, and here your kids will get to learn a lot. “