News Massive Solar Storm Will Hit Earth, Mobiles-TV GPS Will Get Switched-Off

Massive Solar Storm Will Hit Earth, Mobiles-TV GPS Will Get Switched-Off

In the next 48 hours, the massive solar storm can hit the Earth. Scientists say this solar flare is due to a coronal hole, which is a hollow solar spot, in the Sun, which emits a tremendous mass of cosmic radiation. However, this announcement ignited new Nibiru planet conspiracies.

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These cosmic radiations will cause partial tech blackout on the Earth. Means there is a probability that mobiles, cable network, GPS navigation etc things will get switched off. NASA also confirmed that A G1 Solar Storm will strike Earth anytime soon.

NOAA (the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration) has categorized this sandstorm as a G1, it might trigger voltage fluctuations and electrical power outages on Earth. Some other researchers suggest that these cosmic radiations will interrupt satellite-based GPS transmissions, eventually triggering a major technological failure.

There are also health hazards of this storm. According to the reports, these cosmic radiations can affect people’s health, particularly exposing to skin cancer development and high blood pressure.

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