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High Life Solutions Taken By These Countries To Fight Air Pollution Is Something Which...

Solutions Taken By These Countries To Fight Air Pollution Is Something Which New Delhi Should Try To Follow

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On Friday in New Delhi, 1,800 primary schools were  ordered to shut down as the national capital grapples with some of the worst pollutions in recent years. This is not a casual routine and not a light issue. This is some serious topic to think about. This one decision  affects around 9 lakh children studying at schools run by the municipality in a city which has been enveloped by thick smog since last weekend’s Diwali festival celebrations. Every year this issue raises after Diwali. What is the government doing? What solid steps are being taken to improve the condition of this deadly air? Only school banning or closing would not help.


Not only India there are other countries also which are the smoggiest :






Saudi Arabia,




And Bosnia.

How these countries tackle such situations? And can our government take such steps? Is it possible? Let’s analyze.

The Chinese Way

Dutch designer Daan Roosegaarde and a team of other artists and engineers  of china are developing a new, energy-friendly mechanism that sucks smog out of the air and transforms it into diamonds !! This project consists of two parts. First, a 7m tall tower sucks up polluted air and cleans it at a nano-level. Second, the carbon from smog particles is turned into diamonds. Yes, diamonds. Can India make this type of machinery? Maybe in 3015 ( Just joking! ). Check out as to how this genius idea penetrated and will this become a reality or not?

The Italian Way  – Milan, Italy


In Milan a six-hour ban on private cars was implemented in a bid to alleviate persistent smog last year in December. And in Rome also, there was  enforcement of alternate-day driving based on odd and even numbers on licence plates ( just like odd and even in New Delhi ).

How Bosnia dealt with this hazardous situation ?

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Again last year, In Sarajevo, the capital of Bosnia and Herzegovina, authorities there asked the public to  adopt alternate means of transportation and to reduce their movement outdoors, particularly during morning and evening hours, which was not followed out by the residents instead the people there wore face mask and continued going out! In Sarajevo schools were also shut, like in New Delhi.

This is how some of the countries took charge of air pollution and dealt with it. Can India to do such things to stop air pollution and will the public of India follow this rules if applied? Now, the answer to this question cannot be answered! Only the results will tell.

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