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Some Cool Things You Can Do With A Lot Smarter Siri In New iOS 10

Although most people see iMessage as the star of Apple’s new iOS 10 operating system, I feel not enough has been talked about how Siri is totally capable of stealing the show too.

With the upgraded operating system, Siri is a lot more intuitive, a lot smarter, and has gained greater brainpower.

With iOS 10, Siri feels a much better personal assistant now. You no longer need to speak to Siri like a robot, it would understand even if you tell it to, maybe, ‘shoot a text to Dad’. With its cool new features, Siri totally deserves more attention than what it has received so far.

Ask Siri to book Uber cab

iOS 10 siri new features

To begin with, with iOS 10, you can just ask Siri to book you a cab. For now, Uber has updated its app for iOS 10, so now it is as simple as just speaking to your phone and saying, “Hey Siri, book me an Uber.” Siri will first ask which cab you’d prefer, UberGo or UberX, once you tell it that, it would automatically detect your location, and will notify you the nearest cab, along with the estimated fare. Then, it is up to you to confirm or cancel the booking.

iOS 10 new features siri

This means you don’t need to open the Uber app, and enter pick up location and other routine things you have to do to book a cab. With Siri, you can just do all these through voice commands. Do note that to let Siri perform this, you would need to have the Uber app downloaded on your iPhone. Also, you must ensure that your Uber app is up to date with the latest update.

Tell Siri to send a message or make a call on WhatsApp

iOS 10 new features siri

Not just regular calls, Siri on iOS 10 can now also make WhatsApp calls and send messages on your behalf now. To do so, just activate Siri and tell it to place a WhatsApp call for you or dictate the message you want to be sent via WhatsApp.

Siri will tell who’s calling you

iOS 10 new features siri

An excellent feature when you are driving. In iOS 10, Siri will announce the name and number of an incoming call. To enable the feature, go to Settings > Phone > Call > Announce Calls, and choose if you want Siri to announce call while you have your headphones on, or while it is connected to carplay and you have your headphones on, or if you want it to always or never announce your incoming calls.

Siri’s proactive suggestions

In iOS 10, you might have not even noticed this feature but now Siri proactively coordinates and works with the iOS keyboard and other built-in apps to make it easier for us to get things done right away. When you type using the built-in keyboard, you’ll see QuickType suggestions for contacts, recent addresses, and more based on what you are writing about. Another great feature is Siri’s suggestion at the bottom of the screen for apps that you can quickly jump to in QuickType.

Siri will be your perfect partner while driving

iOS 10 new features siri apple carplay

If you use CarPlay, Siri has some new features on that end too. Siri is much more deeply integrated with CarPlay now. It will let you adjust your car temperature or radio settings, just by a voice command. Also, since it is now integrated with third party apps, you can also make siri send messages on, for instance, WhatsApp or place a Skype call for you.


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