Computers, mobiles, internet, etc. are the things which have changed our life a lot, but still we are not satisfied with it. It is human nature that he just can’t stop at one thing; he need changes, but every time with more comfort.

Every day is a new day with lots of new inventions . So today we are sharing a list of some unusual inventions which seems just impossible and unbelievable. Here is the list…

# 1 Senz Windproof Umbrella

As the name depicts, this umbrella is windproof and Doesn’t flick inside out

# 2 Foldable Halmet

# 3 FreeKall

A free- calling application that works without internet.

# 4 P-Mate

Women can pee in standing position by using this sanitary product.

# 5 Word Lens

With this you can translate any foreign language to English by using cameras of smartphone.


# 6 Miito Tea Kettle

By using this small easy to handle induction rod you can heat any liquid in the temperature of your choice.



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