Some Facts About Airport Services That Are Not Customary To Advertise

Many of us might be using the services of air carriers very often and feel at home at airports around the world, this does not mean that you know everything about them. Each airport is like a state with Its own laws and regulations, and passengers are only allowed to know a small part of them. Below we have shared some facts about the services operating at airports that are not customary to advertise.

airport services

All luggage is checked by dogs

All bags, suitcases, and backpacks at the airport are checked by specially trained dogs. Animals look for explosives and drugs in things. Four-legged employees with their mentors-canine handlers daily bypass the terminals, lockers, and luggage compartments. Particularly close attention is paid to baggage from the countries of the Middle East and Central Asia. Dogs get tired quickly, processing a huge amount of information, so every 40 minutes they are given a rest. But not always working breeds of dogs work at airports, often hunting animals and even decorative ones are used.

luggage is checked by dogs

Instruments can detect passenger aggression

Thermal imagers record the body temperature of passengers and show on the screen those who are suspiciously hot. It is well known that an increase in temperature shows not only shows illness or physical activity, but also strong excitement. Too nervous passengers, who were noted by the thermal imager, may be invited for a personal search in a special room.

Instruments can detect passenger aggression at airport

The scanner can show passengers without clothes

Many major airports in the world are equipped with scanners that see a person without clothes. The purpose of such an inspection is to determine whether the passenger is carrying prohibited items. Modern weapons, including firearms, are not necessarily made of metal and the detector simply may not detect it. But the scanner sees the passenger “through” and if he hides something on the body.

Scanner can show passengers without clothes

It’s not just the airport that’s to blame for missing luggage

It is well established that in half the cases of lost baggage during air travel, it is not airport employees who are to blame, but the passengers themselves. If you are too lazy to tear off old barcode stickers from suitcases, then you are at risk. The fact is that the scanner automatically reads the code from the baggage, after which it is loaded onto a trolley for shipment. If the device accidentally fixes the old code left over from one of the previous flights, the paths of a suitcase or bag can be inscrutable.

Employees may not notice the absence of a visa

Where people work, there is always a human factor. Therefore, if a passenger does not have or has expired a visa, in rare cases they may be allowed to board, the flight When, upon arrival in another country, it turns out that a person does not have the right to enter the country, he is sent back at the expense of the air carrier.

Special instructions for screening passengers

Airport security personnel have a variety of instructions, some of which are very unusual. For example, passengers with intricate hairstyles are strongly advised to be sent for body searches, as they may hide prohibited items in their hair. In addition, loose cargo pants with numerous patch pockets, puffy skirts, and long dresses can become a reason for a thorough search. Therefore, if you do not want to get into the zone of close attention of airport employees, dress simpler.

screening of passengers

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