Some UnKnown Facts About Islam

Islam is the world’s second-largest religion and the fastest-growing major religion in the world. Here are some of the unknown facts about Islam:

Some UnKnown Facts About Islam


Meaning Of Islam

Islam means “peace,” “security,” and “surrender.” Muslim means “one who peacefully surrenders to God.”

Beginning of the rise of Islam

In A.D. 622, Mohammad’s flight (the Hegira) from Mecca is the beginning of the rise of Islam. Mohammad ibn Abd Allah was born around A.D. 570 in Mecca and died on June 8, 632, in Medina.

What is Islamic Golden Age?

Islamic Golden age is traditionally dated as being the 8th–13th centuries was marked by the ascension of the Abbasid Caliphate.

6 Basics Belies Of Islam

  1. The One God.
  2. All the prophets of God.
  3. The original scriptures revealed to Prophets Moses, David, Jesus, and Muhammad.
  4. The angels.
  5. The Day of Judgment and the Hereafter.
  6. The divine decree or destiny.

Some UnKnown Facts About Islam

Sunni And Shia

In Islam, there are two main denominations in Islam: Sunni (75 – 90%) and Shia (10 – 20%).

Death Penalty In Egypt

86% of people surveyed in Egypt are in favour of the death penalty as a punishment for abandoning Islam.