High Life Humour Someone Put Sunglasses On A Cute Bunny And It Started The Epic...

Someone Put Sunglasses On A Cute Bunny And It Started The Epic Photoshop Battle Of The Century

The Internet doesn’t need a good excuse to drop into a heated Photoshop battle. In this case we don’t even have an excuse, all we’ve got is: a cute bunny, goofy sunglasses, and a bunch of bored graphic designers / n00bs with expensive photo editing software handy.


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But like I said, a good reason isn’t needed — just a perfect storm of random meme-worthy images and designers.

This bunny :


Just a regular ol’ bunny, right ? WRONG.

Because not only is this apparently the coolest bunny on the Internet today…

…he’s also got a starring role in “Top Bun.”


And even a lead role on the hit show “Bunbusters.”


How creative was the Internet able to get with our little bunny friend ? See for yourself !


This is hilarious :


Hahaha.. Bunnycop !


This is totally savage ! Professor BunnyDore


The squad


The rider bun !


Yeah ! ring any bells ?


And here’s a GIF for you


Which image do YOU think won this Photoshop battle ? Leave your answers in the comment section below.

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