Entertainment Television Somi Khan Threatens to Break Jasleen Mathura’s Face, Calls Her Characterless

Somi Khan Threatens to Break Jasleen Mathura’s Face, Calls Her Characterless

Things are turning uglier with each passing day in Bigg Boss 12. However, the show managed to get high TRPs with all sorts of controversies, drama and fights involved. In the previous episode, the two contenders for captainship Surbhi Rana and Deepak Thakur were given a Breaking News task by the famous anchor of Aaj Tak news channel, Shweta Singh.

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Surbhi and Deepak both created controversies in the house, break news and give masses some fodder. Well, Surbhi did the task successfully and became captain. But her efforts to win the task created a huge fight between Jasleen Matharu and Somi Khan. The fight escalated to such an extent to which both the ladies got physical with each other, well almost. There was a lot of yelling and shouting.

Somi Khan commented on Jasleen Matharu’s character and also called her Uthayigiri. She also accused Jasleen of resorting to cheap levels for footage. Somi also said that Jasleen has no existence in the house without Anup Jalota and she depends on his popularity even after his eviction. Furthermore, she threatened to break Jasleen’s face. This raged Jasleen Matharu and both the ladies got involved in an ugly fight. She also said that Somi has depended on Happy Club for votes.

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