As we all know that the Tilak Nagar Jasleen Kaur Case has turned upside down since the new theories that have turned up as well as the eye witness that came forward and showered light on this case.


Sonakshi-Sinha-2Jasleen Kaur, the supposed victim of the case who received alot of support before whereas the accused Sarvjeet Singh was at the receiving end of public’s anger. However, many people on Twitter now, are apologetic towards sarvjeet and for taking sides without checking facts. Amidst all these people, Sonakshi Sinha has also stepped forward and apologised to the boy Sarvjeet Singh and now supports the one who stands true.

Sonakshi posted on twitter stating

Being a famous public figure it definitely takes a lot of courage and a big heart to apologise on such a wide platform such as social media sites. Hats Off!