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News After Seeing Full Nude Scenes of This 80's Actress Audience Left The...

After Seeing Full Nude Scenes of This 80’s Actress Audience Left The Film Theatre Without Watching The End

In the time of 80s giving nudes is something beyond people can’t even imagine. However, hot actresses like Zeenat Aman, Parveen Babi, Dimple Kapadia had already garnered headlines with their hot shots in the 70s films but even then it was nearly a big thing at that time!

In the 80s two popular actresses, Sonam and Kimi Katkar came out to be the bombshells. Being contemporaries they were rivals. They left no stone unturned in exposing on the silver screen. They went beyond and made people drop their jaws.

Kimi Katkar

The war of becoming the number 1 actress between the both of them reached the extent. They were ready to do anything to make it to the top. Filmmakers took the advantage of their rivalry and started casting them in the roles that were considered explicit that time. They both got famous for their boldness. Sonam made a lot of headlines by giving a tremendous smooch scene in her first film Vijay whereas Kimi Katkar garnered attention with film Tarzan.


Talking about Sonam, Sonam was a superhit actress of her time, in one of her films, she gave full nude shots. More interestingly, audience used to come to see only those scenes in the film and left the theatre without watching the climax.

She became famous for the song Oye Oye of Tridev film, after this, her film Mitti and Sona was released. In this film, she starred with actor Chunky Pandey and stole all the limelight because of her ultra bold scenes. Sonam gave full Nude shots in two or three scenes of the film. The audience bought tickets only to watch the hot Sonam on the screen. This hot style of Sonam continues in almost all the films of her.

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