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Entertainment Sonam Kapoor Changes Her Name Twice After Wedding And The Reason Behind...

Sonam Kapoor Changes Her Name Twice After Wedding And The Reason Behind That Will Shock You!

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You have no idea how superstitious your favorite celebrities are! They will make you learn with their films that one should don’t believe in superstition but in real life, they oppose their teachings. This will really¬†shock you that celebrities follow astrologers, numerologist and even tarot card readers.

Relating to this, the newly-wedded actress Sonam Kapoor first changed her name to Sonam Kapoor Ahuja on the wedding day and then changed it again to Sonam K. Ahuja. It all because celebrity numerologist Sanjay Jumani suggested her to do so.

Actually, Sanjay Jumani told that ‘Sonam Kapoor Ahuja’ name could bring ups and downs in Sonam Kapoor’s life. But ‘Sonam K Ahuja’ will work good for her both in professional as well as personal life.

Anand Ahuja believes in Numerology

Sanjay told that Sonam’s husband Anand believes in numerology. Anand loves to play basketball and even for that too, he consults numerologist. Jumani told that when he had to take the jersey number for playing basketball he had consulted him. He advised Anand to take either 24 or 33.

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