Sonam Kapoor Slams Instagram For Refusing To Remove Death Threats

Rhea Kapoor’s sister of Sonam Kapoor has recently got death threats on her Instagram post. After which Sonam Kapoor slammed Instagram. Read to know the reason.

There are recent reports that Sonam and her sister Rhea got death threats on their post. Both of them received a lot of malicious comments on their social media accounts. And therefore she made a complaint to Instagram, but unfortunately, even after Sonam Kapoor’s complaint, these threats have not been removed from Insta. The actress got furious when Instagram refused to delete one of the comments that Rhea Kapoor had reported. Sonam shared a screenshot and wrote, Instagram doesn’t think death threats is a violation or their India team can’t read Hindi.. ‘

Instagram, responding to Rhea’s post wrote that death threatening comments are not part of their collective guidelines. They also suggested that she might unfollow, mute or block the threatening person. After which Riya wrote, ‘Of course I will block this person but what are you doing to keep your’ community ‘safe?’ She also shared a screenshot of the negative comment.

This was the abusive comment that Rhea got on the social media post. And after this Riya said, ‘I will happily block those who spread hatred, but what matters to me most is that why death threat isn’t against your ‘community guideline’ Instagram?”

Earlier last month, Sonam was fiercely angry at trolls and shared the hateful messages they received online. After which she closed the comment section of her account, and gave a statement that  ‘Yes, I have closed my comment section and I have done this for my parents because I do not want my 64-year-old parents to read it. I am not closing it for fear of you, but I am closing it for mental peace. ‘

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