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Sonu Nigam Sang On Street For Hours Disguised As A Normal Street Singer!!!

News, Media, and Entertainment are quite a buzz in our life that we just don’t want to enjoy the beauty of nature. In such atmosphere of high life, it really becomes difficult for a common man to live good socially. Here’s what the famous Indian singer Sonu Nigam experimented when he sang on street for hours in a disguised form:

Sonu Nigam did this experiment around a few weeks ago in Juhu Mumbai.Sonu Nigam Sang Disguised

He continuously sang there for hours but still nobody could recognize him.Sonu Nigam Sang Disguised

He has used some good and thick makeup to hide his real appearance completely.

Sonu Nigam sang disguised

One passerby even gave him twelve rupees and this is what Sonu Nigam said about this money.

Sonu Nigam Sang Disguised

The one and only heart touching answer which the singer gave that why he did that experience is mentioned below.

Sonu Nigam Sang Disguised

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