Sonu Nigam Warns T-Series Owner Bhusan Kumar To Bust


After releasing a video about the music industry mafias, Sonu Nigam has now warned T-series owner Bhushan Kumar. Sonu posted a video on Instagram on June 22, saying that he will expose Bhushan Kumar. Posting this video, Sonu has written in the caption – “Laaton Ke Mafia Baaton Se Nahi Maante.”

In the video, Sonu is saying- “Bhushan Kumar, now I have to take your name. You screwed the wrong man. I am telling you, do not stick to my face, now you are enough. ” In this video, Sonu took another name Marina Kunwar. After which he said – “Marina Kunwar Yaad hai, why did she said, why did she back out? I have her video with me, now if you mess with me, then I will put it in my video on YouTube channel, understood. Don’t stick my mouth. “

Sonu said- I did not take any name, I just said that to be in love with new people. It is better to correct the atmosphere before, not crying after the suicide. But the mafia will do the same trick. He has asked 6 people to give interviews against me. Some are very close to me, but now they have to speak differently.

Who is Marina Kunwar?

In the video, Sonu is taking the name of Marina Kunwar. She is a model and TV actress. Marina came into the limelight during the MeToo campaign in Bollywood in 2018. Marina accused Sajid Khan and Bhushan Kumar of ‘exploitation’. In an interview given to Aaj Tak channel, Marina had said that Bhushan Kumar had called her home in the name of giving work in the video and tried to act wrong.

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