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Entertainment Sonu Sood Honoured With Special Humanitarian Action Award By UN

Sonu Sood Honoured With Special Humanitarian Action Award By UN

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Actor Sonu Sood, who came out like a god for the poor during the Corona period, will be awarded the prestigious United Nations SDG Special Humanitarian Action Award. This award has been conferred on selected individuals from all over the world. Sonu Sood has been selected for this award to relieve the pain and suffering of the poor without any selfishness. He was awarded this award at a virtual event on 29 September.

Actor Sonu Sood, receiving this honor, expressed happiness and said – ‘What I have been able to do for my countrymen is a very small part.’ Sonu Sood believes that lifting the street, holding the hands will change the country and Sonu Sood did the same work in the Corona era. When thousands of millions of workers walked towards their village, Sonu Sood arranged for them to be sent home. Sonu Sood tried to feed the hungry and tried to bring the stranded students abroad to the country.

Sonu Sood, who became the Messiah for the migrant laborers in the Corona period, is now helping people living in different parts of the country. People are pleading for help with Sonu Sood. If someone tags and tweets about any kind of trouble, he not only assure help on the tweet, but also start the action of help. Recently, he gave a buffalo to a farmer from Bihar, a tractor to a family, while a young woman from Ghaziabad has been treated with her illness.

Sonu Sood is making all the arrangements for education of children, treatment of people and livelihood to the unemployed. He has started a dedicated portal for people with these needs where people can fill in their information and avail the facilities from Sonu Sood. For this greatness of Sonu Sood, social media users are also demanding to give him Bharat Ratna.

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