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Sonu Sood Shares A Love Note Written For Wife During His College Days.

Dolly Bhardwaj



Bollywood actor Sonu Sood recently shared a love note which he wrote during his college days for his wife Sonali. Sonu is happily married with Sonali for more than twenty years now. The love note which he shared smells love indicating how Sonu is a romantic partner since then.

The note was posted on his Instagram account with a beautiful caption!

“How time flies!!!! Had written this note years back in my college days!! The world when we were not slaves to social media. #memories”

Love Story of Sonu and Sonali

Sonu met Sonali in Nagpur during his college days. Sonali is his first and last love. It is amazing to know how Sonali became his wife even before Sonu became an actor. Both of them have been together in every struggle of life. Also, Sonu has always praised Sonali for never complaining about the struggle days in Mumbai. He appreciates how Sonali never complained about one BHK in which they moved in.

Happy Family

Touchwood, Sonu and Sonali have managed to build a happy empire for themselves. It is interesting to know Sonali usually accompanies Sonu in the events but she maintains her privacy. The kids also never come in the front of cameras much. The family remains away from media which is not a usual case with the celebrities.