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Sony TV Extended Kapil Sharma’s Contract For Another Year In A Price Which Will Shock You

Sony TV Extended Kapil Sharma’s Contract For Another Year In A Price Which Will Shock You


You just cannot believe how much Kapil Sharma earns now. We all are a witness to how Kapil and his show moved from Colors to Sony Entertainment Television. And this transit of Kapil, not only turned out to be a profit for the channel but Kapil too has cracked a great deal.

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Well, we all know that this comedian is one of the highest paid TV celebrities in the country but the recent figure of Kapil’s remuneration can surprise all and can also make one feel envy.

Kapil Sharma and his show The Kapil Sharma Show has helped Sony TV get great ratings.

The channel has jumped steps in the TRP game. Earlier there was hardly any show on the channel that was this popular. But all thanks to Kapil and his team, his show has stayed between top 8 and top 5 for a long time now. To say that Kapil has revamped the ranking of Sony in the game of ratings won’t be wrong. Thus, for the channel to renew Kapil’s contract was nothing extraordinary.

As per a report by DNA, the ace comedian has now signed a new contract which makes him exclusively a Sony talent and the show will run for another year. A source in the same report quoted, “Kapil’s contract has been renewed for another year. The show has been extended till 2017 end.”

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To know how much Kapil is actually earning now, will surely leave you excited. We had earlier informed you that Kapil is on top of this list and earns a whopping Rs 60-80 lakh per episode.

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But now, as the sources state :

“Kapil is getting a whopping Rs. 110 crore for his renewed year long stint with Sony and the makers are very happy with him and his show. They didn’t mind the pocket pinch because his show is the most profitable venture for them currently and they can’t let it go.”

Kapil Sharma had publically accepted that he pays Rs. 15 crore tax. Clearly, if his earnings stand at such exorbitant figures, how much will he get taxed for now.

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