Sound’s Innovative: The Wounds And Cuts To Be Glued Soon


We all might have heard about the glue that we use as an adhesive to stick the things. But what if you come across the glue that seals the wounded skin! Won’t you be shocked?. So let us introduce you to the glue that you will soon get to see. The glue named Metro glue is now coming to India. And the credit goes to Biomedical engineers from the United States who came across this innovative technology by collaborating with the University of Sydney.

Here’s something about the glue:

There’s no doubt that this is one of the useful inventions for medical science. Because the elastic and adhesive glue is quite quick to respond and seals wounds after application. And the result is that without the stitches or staples the wound gets healed in just 60 seconds. So what actually makes it work like that. The answer lies in the gel-like material of the Metro glue, which is activated by ultraviolet (UV) light, and then after sometimes it dissolves.

According to the reports, this glue passed this test on rodents and pigs. And now it is the time when the trial will be on Human. And the experiment gets successful it will be a good thing to seal the wounds without any hassle. So if you still don’t believe this then check out this video posted by the chairperson of Biocon – Asia’s leading Biopharmaceuticals enterprise, named Kiran Mazumdar Shaw. And we are sure that after watching the video you will get to know how this glue will work on skin.

Here’s the video of Metro glue below:

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