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News It Will Be A Cake Walk If Akhilesh And Rahul Comes Together...

It Will Be A Cake Walk If Akhilesh And Rahul Comes Together In UP

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Akhilesh-Rahul, rare but Lethal combination. As the Mainstream media is flooding with the news of Grand alliance between SP and Congress, we will give you 5 reasons why it will be a win-win situation for both the parties.

1. Women’s Voice

Priyanka Gandhi and Dimple Yadav can influence people especially women voters as they both have star value and a sharp political sense. Moreover, their behavior attracts female majority in both rural and urban areas.


2. A Secular Alliance

Both parties are thumping their chests for being secular and yes, voters will connect to it. Moreover, they will raise issue of growing intolerance around the country at UP’s grand stage which will fetch more media and public attention.

3. Eye on Muslim Voters

With this step, SP may retain 19 percent Muslim vote bank and can remain ineffective from BSP. If majority of Yadav and Muslim votes goes for SP-Cong alliance their chances of forming the government will be at all time high.

4.Young Poster Boys

As both Akhilesh and Rahul are under 50 in the age game in politics, they will try to unite youth under one umbrella. Trying to find their respective niche but enjoying the gift of Boundless Energy Supply from party supporters.

rahul akhilesh

5. Courage to face Harsh Criticism

All are perfectly imperfect and other people may notice from time to time. They both have learned to face criticism-feedback that has constructive value without losing their confidence. In simple words, Akhilesh and Rahul took criticism as a chance to foster problem-solving skills and to explore unresolved issues.

SP-CONG are trying to position themselves in the core of UP society, it may turn out to be a positive step or a mishit.

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