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Entertainment The Big Bang Theory Season 11 Spoiler Alert! Its 2 Major Announcements...

The Big Bang Theory Season 11 Spoiler Alert! Its 2 Major Announcements Are Quite Annoying

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Here is a spoiler alert for the fans of The Big Bang Theory out there! Season 11kicked off September 25 with not one, but two big announcements. Not only are Sheldon and Amy engaged, but Bernadette and Howard learned that they are pregnant also.

You surely notice the minor footnote in the episode’s introduction. However, you really don’t hear much about Shamy’s pending nuptials and wedding plans or Benadette’s second baby. The other thing that is surprising is that Melissa Rauch’s character looks like she moved forward in time several months since the last episode.

Even in the show, Sheldon makes a brief comment at the episode’s start about how Bernadette looks more than three months pregnant. The actual reason behind that is shocking Rauch is pregnant in real life also so maybe this was their way of working that into the show.

Now in the 11th season of the show, all the focus is shifted to Leonard Botching a radio interview after he claimed physics is dead. As a result, he put his job at the university at risk.

We did get a good back and forth between Bernadette and Amy bragging about their career accomplishments while the guys have all hit rough patches. However, it was still odd the two women on the show didn’t once mention Amy’s engagement to Sheldon. In such case, the only good news is that next week’s episode looks like it will dive right into Shamy’s wedding plans.

“The Big Bang Theory” airs Monday on CBS at 8 p.m.

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