Sreesanth Said “Khada Toh Hota Nahi” To Vikas Gupta, Blasted by The People

Sreesanth is becoming the most annoying contestant on the show Bigg Boss 12. His disparaging remarks on contestants like Karanvir Bohra and Rohit Suchanti and guest Vikas Gupta who stepped in the house for some time with the winner of Bigg Boss 11 Shilpa Shinde are making him the bad man of the house.

Recently he got into an ugly fight with Vikas Gupta and insulted him with offensive words. During the Rangoli task, he called Vikas a loser to which Vikas Gupta repeatedly termed him as ‘badtameez’. This made Sreesanth lost his cool and when Dipika and other housemates interfered, he teased Vikas by saying that he hides behind women. He went beyond and commented on Vikas’ sexuality and said,

“Unko chahiye ladies kyunki mard hone ke liye khada hona padta hai na, khada toh hota nahi..”.

This is indeed a derogatory remark. It seems as if Sreesanth talked about the private part of Vikas Gupta by referring ‘Khada’. However, here we need to give him benefit of doubt as we know that his Hindi is not good and due to the language issue, he might have unintentionally hurt Vikas. After that, he suffered a backlash from the netizens and the audience as well. Here is a video of public reaction: