Entertainment After Ban Sreesanth Wanted to Commit Suicide But This Person Didn't Let...

After Ban Sreesanth Wanted to Commit Suicide But This Person Didn’t Let Him do so

The lifetime ban on Sreesanth imposed by BCCI due to spot-fixing has been lifted by the Supreme Court recently. This gave the cricketer a bit of relief. He considered it as a lifeline for life ban imposed by BCCI. Sreesanth was accused of spot-fixing in IPL 2013.

He was arrested by the police and later discharged by a trial court in July 2015 in a criminal case related to the alleged spot-fixing, claimed he had to confess his involvement in the alleged crime as police tortured him in custody and threatened to implicate his family in the case. Sreesanth had also filed a petition against it.

That time was his life’s worst nightmare. He started losing hope because of the accusation and the disrespect people showed to him. He was so broken that he decided to end his life by committing suicide.

But it was his wife Bhuvaneshwari Devi who supported him throughout and stood by him like a rock. Sreesanth faced a number of ups and downs in his life but Bhuvaneshwari always helped him to overcome them. Bhuvaneshwari is Jaipur’s princess from the royal house of Shekhawat. She married Sreesanth in Kerela’s Sri Krishan Mandir. The couple is blessed with two cutest children whom we saw in Bigg Boss 12’s one of the episodes.

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