Entertainment Television "Surabhi Rana is The Filthiest Woman Whom I Hate The Most" Says Sreesanth's Wife Bhuvneshwari

“Surabhi Rana is The Filthiest Woman Whom I Hate The Most” Says Sreesanth’s Wife Bhuvneshwari

Bigg Boss 12 is getting intense day by day. It is creating a buzz not only inside the house but outside too on the social media. Now, Sreesanth’s wife Bhuvneshwari Devi took a dig at Surabhi Rana. She slammed her for her nasty behaviour and foul language. She called her the filthiest woman. But she claims that she likes and respects Dipika Kakkar.

Sreesanth’s wife Bhuvneshwari has joined Twitter in October and the reason was obvious as she wanted to lend her support to her husband. Responding to a post, Sree’s wife Bhuvneshwari, blasted Surabhi for her antics inside the house and said that she is a disgrace to woman community. She tweeted,

“I have never hated anyone one as much as I hate this Women who’s a disgrace to all the the women #SurabhiRana.. you r the most filthiest women anyone can ever come across… this ones for you #Sreesanth #SreeFam (sic).”

Bhuvneshwari also expressed her displeasure over Dipika Kakkar made Sreesanth apologize to Surbhi as she tweeted,

“Even I didn’t like deepika telling Sree to apologise as he has already done whereas this woman who has said worst still isn’t guilty and haven’t apologised yet.”

This behaviour of Dipika is not liked by many viewers. However, some viewers objected Sreesanth’s wife targeting Dipika. Responding to them Bhuvneshwari Sreesanth wrote,

“I really like Dipika and I respect her. Pls, don’t misunderstand. I said I didn’t like her telling Sree to say sorry because he has already said sorry where the other person is more wrong. By apologising to that foul mouth girl again. It will only give her upper hand encourage her (sic)”

Bigg Boss ex-contestant Kamya Punjabi also slammed Surabhi. She tweeted,

“Surbhi knew dat Sree will get angry n say sumthing dat he shud not say n dat is y she crossed all her limits 2 achieve wat she wanted! Wat Sree said was also not right but Surbhi ko bura kyu laga? Why all the water works then? Bhai itna doge, kuch toh waapas milega na #bb12”

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