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Entertainment 5 Films of Sridevi That Never Got Released, This Was The Reason

5 Films of Sridevi That Never Got Released, This Was The Reason

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Bollywood superstar Sridevi has gone from this world. Everybody knows that during her lifespan she worked in many super hit films. But do you know there some films of her that never got released? The reasons are various. Today in this package we will tell you about the Sridevi films that never released.

1) Zameen

In 1988, director Ramesh Sippy has announced this film. It starred Vinod Khanna, Sridevi, and Madhuri Dixit. The 70% of the film was shot already but it ended soon.


2) Garajna

In 1991, director KR Reddy wanted to make this film by repeating the star cast of superhit film Chandni. The trailer of the film was also released and the shooting was also begun. But due to the argument regarding payments between star cast and producer the film project got closed.

3) Maharaja

Director Anil Sharma in 1990 announced to make a film Maharaja with Anil Kapoor and Sridevi. But a hurdle caused because of the star cast and later the film was released in 1998 starring Govinda and Manisha Koirala.

4) Govinda

In 1996 during an interview, Anil Kapoor said that he and Sridevi were cast together in a film Govinda and for that they underwent a photo shoot also. But due to some reasons, the film failed to make a release. After that their pair was cast into the film Mr. India.

5) Teerandaz

Film Chandni’s choreographer Manmohan Singh had announced to make a film with Sridevi and Sunny Deol. But this film never got released.

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