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Did You Know About Sridevi’s ‘Long-lost Sister’ Prabhadevi? Why Her Revelation in The 90s Was Considered Scandalous?

Sridevi has gone from this world. But facts related to her are coming out in a surprising way. The legendary actress Sridevi hailed from Tamil Nadu and had a sister and two step-brothers. But you surely didn’t know about her long-lost sister Prabhadevi. Well, kind of.

The special issue of Cine Blitz magazine in the 90s revealed that they had found Sridevi’s ‘long-lost’ sister. Yes, you heard it right! The revelation was so shocking and scandalous that it made Sridevi’s sister and brother-in-law upset and even shocked Jaya Bachchan!.

Raising the curtain! Actually, it was one of the first, original April Fool’s gags that was a bigger hit than most of the movies running at cinema halls. The clever clogs at Cine Blitz plotted a fab, fun scheme to trick their readers on April Fools day.

It was none other than Anupam Kher who is featured in the photo. With the magical talents of make-up artist Mickey Contractor and photographer Gautam Rajadhyaksha, they vamped the visage of Kher to look like a glamorous moll. They created a fabulous fiction of finding Sridevi’s long-lost sister.

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