SRK is back for Don 3, Ranveer Singh improbable to be a part: media source

We now know that Shah Rukh is being kept in mind as the script for Don 3 is still in its very early stages.All of star Shah Rukh Khan’s fans are concerned about the rumours that he may leave the Don series while still enjoying the success of his massive movie Pathaan.

According to various reports published earlier this week, producer-director Farhan Akhtar intends to revive the franchise with a new lead actor after the third installment’s plans with SRK came to a standstill.

“Shah Rukh is not too keen to get back as Don again at this point of time. He is willing to do commercial films that cater to a universal section of audience, and Don certainly doesn’t fit the bracket of cinema that he is willing to do for the coming few years,” Hindustan Times quoted.

The media source further added, “All these reports are baseless, and just done to create a stir. It is a very speculative piece, with no confirmation. In fact, the reports indicate that Don is not a commercial project, which shows how baseless the report is. The success of the first two parts signal how commercial it is. At the moment, Farhan is just starting to work on the script, and there is no discussion regarding Shah Rukh leaving the franchise. Everyone knows that there is no Don franchise without Shah Rukh Khan”.

In fact, another source also dismisses the report, wondering why Khan would wait for over 10 years for a follow up, and quit abruptly.

On the hindsight, a source for Hindustan Times mentioned that why would Khan wait for a decade then put down the offer, “He has not opted out of the franchise, and he would never do that. That is because he has made an image out of the film now. In fact, he has many franchise led projects in his kitty, which he is not willing to let go off. Agar Don ko quit karna hota woh bahut phele hi kar chuka hota, especially when there has been such a long gap after the second part”.

The media source further added, “His career has come back on track after Pathaan, and he would not leave a big franchise which is expected to be a money churner. This is a very speculative story to get clicks and grab eyeballs, and the reason is because there has not been any announcement from his side after Dunki. He is taking his time to analyse, and working at his own pace. He has opted for Pathaan, Jawan and then Dunki. Now that the shoot is over all such stories will start coming in. There is no truth in that. He is just weighing his options, for all the projects and Don 3 is still on his mind.”

On the same lines some believe that actor Ranveer Singh will be casted for the sequel, “We’re waiting to see how fans of the Don franchise react to Ranveer’s casting considering Shah Rukh won over everyone with his charismatic portrayal of Don”.

An industry source in reply to this spoke to Hindustan Times and stated, “The speculation is growing, because no one has come forward to refute, and they won’t. That’s making people believe that it might be true. It is unlikely that SRK will leave the franchise, and if Ranveer will join, it will be interesting to see how he will be handed over the franchise”.