Starbucks Coffee Cup Spotted in Winterfell as GOT’s Crew Forget it on The Grand Table

It is quite funny! The worldwide popular show, Game of Thrones is in its final season. 6 of the 4 episodes are already went on-air. Every episode is intriguing and the new episode sees so many important revelations.

Taking into concern about a huge number of fans worldwide, the makers need to know that any carelessness in the plot, sub-standard production work or discontinuity will hamper the fanbase. Case in point, today morning’s episode which is the fourth from the 8th season, which featured an object that didn’t seem to belong Winterfell and the era in which the plot is set.

It seemed to be a Starbucks coffee cup placed right in the centre of the grand table near Daenyrs Targaryen. Being so active, social media users started trolling it. On the other hand, some of the fans are a little unhappy about the fact that the makers overlooked this element.

Here are a number of memes, you should see below: